Database Adapters


To use Elasticsearch as a database provider, use the below configuration setting:

    "default": {
        "PROVIDER": "protean.adapters.repository.elasticsearch.ESProvider",
        "DATABASE": Database.ELASTICSEARCH.value,
        "DATABASE_URI": {"hosts": ["localhost"]},
        "NAMESPACE_PREFIX": os.environ.get("PROTEAN_ENV"),
        "SETTINGS": {"number_of_shards": 3}

Additional options are available for finer control:


Index names in Elasticsearch instance are prefixed with the specified string. For example, if the namespace prefix is “prod”, the index of an aggregate Person will be prod-person.


Custom character to join NAMESPACE_PREFIX and index name. Default is hyphen (-). For example, with NAMESPACE_SEPARATOR as _, the index of aggregate Person will be prod_person.


Index settings passed on to Elasticsearch instance.

Note that if you supply a custom Elasticsearch Model with an Index inner class, the options specified in the inner class override those at the config level.

In the sample below, with the configuration settings specified above, the options at Aggregate level will be overridden and the Elasticsearch Model will have the default index value * and number of shards as 1.

class Person(BaseAggregate):
    name = String()
    about = Text()

    class Meta:
        schema_name = "people"

class PeopleModel(ElasticsearchModel):
    name = Text(fields={"raw": Keyword()})
    about = Text()

    class Index:
        settings = {"number_of_shards": 1}